Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stewart vs. Cramer: Winners Stewart & Cramer - Losers -Common Investor again...!!

Does anyone believe any of this circus ?? Financial industry has become just like professional wrestling. A good guy yesterday becomes bad guy today and vice versa and a white knight comes out of nowhere to the rescue. Behind the closed doors it is a very carefully written script and everyone on the inside knows everything except public. The only difference between professional wrestling and financial industry is the consequence of these actions. With professional wrestling it is a good night out for a small amount of money, you entertain yourself go home and get a good night sleep. However result of this chicanery with investments is that hard earned money and life savings of millions of unwilling participants go up in smoke while a few responsible walk away rich and the circus goes on. One day you have roof over your head , the next day you can be on the street wondering what the hell happened.

Have you not noticed the volume of certain stocks go unusally sky high some day with stock either plummeting or rising without any news and the next day you see some analyst or rating agency come out of nowhere with their reccomendations. This happens every day and has anyone looked at it closely to see how much someone who was privy to illegal information about reccomendation made ...mind you that it is not 100 or 200 shares but millions...Isn't t illegal inside trading..have you seen anyone going to jail for this including whoever leaked the information. Answer is big "NO" . Someone out there made millions on illegal information during the day and is appearing on our beloved business news network telling us to stay long and dollar cost average.

Brokers hire arts and history graduates to make important calls on stocks and make the market. Has any of these analysts faced any consequence due to their bad calls. Who has forgotten calls on qualcomm during late 1990's and public admission of the analyst. Was there a compensation for Qualcomm investors for those bad calls...Last time I saw the analyst still employed and collecting his millions. Take recent example of GE. The company is in a good shape but two or three analysts kept hammering it until it caved and cut its dividend. Anaylst and broker community on the street is so powerful that day is not day until they say so. The stock got hammered from close to $40 down to under 6 while creating opportunity for fat cats on teh street to buy more while us poor schmucks can't hold on to anymore. After most common investor is all sold out , all of sudden the stocks becomes wall streets darling. They like to call it capitulation. Drive the last red blood cell out of common investors and then the stocks are "BUY, BUY and BUY".

Now this big to do with Cramer vs stewart is no different from all this national level circus. Calling poor cramer to task is a joke when, no matter how wrong, everyone out there is doing it and their is no enforcement. The result of this media circus, both of them get national coverage and continue to mak etheir millions while leaving us to look into the abyss of our money pits what we call as 401K and deffered comps etc etc.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oil Prices Falling

Most say that oil prices are falling due to an expectation of a global recession. In my view however, as the pendulam swung to the extream while prices were going up caused by wide spread speculation and market manipulation, it will now swing back on the other side to multi year low due to fears of global recession or even deflation. I wouldn't be surprized to see price per barrel of oil down to teens by the end of January 2010. In my opinion that is where it belongs.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Buy Foreclosures

with the current interest rates and sub prime lending mess, it is a good time to buy that property that you and I couldn't because of skyrocketing property values. Properties are foreclosing at record rates and one can also make money buying and selling Foreclosure properties. Lot of sources available online to check out foreclosure properties in any area.

Another source to make money being talked about now a day is e realestate. This is virtual real estate in form of websites and domain names. I am not sure how much money is being made in this area but certainly worth a look. you can buy or sell domain names through online brokers.

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